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Rent a car in Barcelona.


Barcelona is a very vibrant city, located on the Mediterranean coast, and one of the major economic centers in Spain. It has a lot of things to do and offers a wide range of options of public transport to visit almost everything you want. But, what happens when you want to go to places where public transport doesn’t get you?

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Barcelona card – Save money & time


If you are going to visit Barcelona, you are probably planning where to go, what to do and places to visit in Barcelona. Barcelona is a beautiful city, full of life and culture, and it’s got a lot of chances for visitors to enjoy it.

The Barcelona card helps you saving time and money during your visit in Barcelona. You’ll save money because it gives you free transport, a lot of discounts and free admission to many museums and sights, as well as entrance fees, entertainment and gifts. Also, you will save time by avoiding a lot of long lines at popular attractions and museums.

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Moving around Barcelona – Public transport


Barcelona is a city that allows mobility in a great way. You can either walk around or use the efficient public transport system. The tickets are integrated, therefore you will be able to use all public transport with the same ticket and even shift from metro to bus or the other way, or from metro to another metro line for an hour and a half without paying twice. Fares can be found here in the metro fares site and all the information and routes of all the public transport through the metro site. 

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Car parking in Barcelona


First thing you should know is that in Barcelona it is very difficult to park the car on the street and it is almost impossible to do it without paying.

Park the car on the street it is only allowed to residents. Non residents are allowed only for short periods (1-3 hours). These areas are coloured by blue or green colour, which means that you have to pay. Most of the streets are already coloured so there is no room for free parking.

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Barcelona for noobies: District by district.

barcelona districts where to stay accommodation hotel apartment rental holiday vacation rentals apartments stay in

Barcelona is quite a big city but it’s actually pretty easy to understand if you break it up into districts. We have divided the city into 7 neighbourhoods explaining there differences and highlights, so have a look and find out which is your ideal neighborhood to stay in Barcelona!

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ApartEasy – Your rental solution.

Dear Barcelona lovers,

ApartEasy would like to introduce this travel blog, where you will find valuable information about how to have your perfect stay in Barcelona.

We will try to offer you valuable information and tips about where to stay, things to do, must see places, top lists of restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping areas and everything you need to know to enjoy a perfect holiday in Barcelona.

Weather you are visiting Barcelona for a few days or looking for a long term rental in Barcelona, aparteasy is what you need. We offer daily and monthly rentals in top locations of Barcelona.

We love to hear from our customers and readers, so do not hesitate to leave your thoughts on the comment section.

Best regards,

Luis Caldentey