Spain’s springtime blooms will leave you speechless

If you´ve ever wanted to be somewhere that makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale, then this article found you at the perfect time. Right now, it is your chance to fully immerse yourself in the springtime blooming season in Spain. For just a few minutes we invite you to imagine how the cherry, peach, and almond blossoms could influence all of your senses. We have selected and discussed a few of the countless places where you can witness this magical moment. You can find out more in the following sections:

  1. Blossoms in the area of Catalonia
    1. Province of Barcelona
    2. Province of Tarragona
  2. Almond blossoms in Mallorca
  3. Gran Canarias´ almond blossom festival

Blossoms in the area of Catalonia

If you’re wondering when Catalonia’s almond, peach, and cherry blossoms bloom, we would tell you that every year is unique. Also, different tree species bloom at various times of the year. Almond blooms typically appear first, then peach and cherry blooms. Most of them last for two weeks. In terms of the regions, Arbeca, Terra Alta, and Ribera d’Ebre often have the earliest blooming in February. The pink blossoms are at their peak in early and mid-March. The last opportunity to see the blossoms is towards the end of March.

Province of Barcelona

In the province of Barcelona you can experience the peach blossoms. More precisely, in Subirats. It is a municipality 40 mins away from Barcelona and it is known for the quality of its peaches – préssecs d’Ordal. Surely, the view of the peach trees blossoming is also stunning! Typically, the bloom appears in the first two weeks of March. We would like to give you a few ideas on how you could reach the area both on foot or by bike. Down below we will give you five routes which you could take. Also, you might want to have a look at Wikiloc – it helps you create your own GPS tracks using your mobile phone.

In case you are looking for the shortest route, we would suggest Ruta del préssec de Sant Pau d’Ordal a El Pago. It is a 3.6-km walk that allows you to see peach tree fields, dry stone buildings, vineyards, and cottages. If your would like something in the middle, in terms of distance, then you might have a look at Ruta del préssec d’Ordal de Sant Pau d’Ordal a Can Rovira – a flat 4-km trai, or Ruta del préssec d’Ordal de Cantallops a Can Rovira – a 4.3-km trail where you could also see some olive groves. Ruta del préssec d’Ordal de l’estació de tren a Lavern is also not so long, but more than the ones mentioned above. It is 4.8-km beginning from train station Lavern-Subirats. What is more about that route is that you will have the possibility to see the remains of a Roman tower. Last, but certainly not least, comes Ruta del préssec de Sant Pau d’Ordal a Can Rossell which is 7-km.

Sant Climent de Llobregat is another area of Barcelona´s province to enjoy the spring blossoms, specifically from cherry trees. This would be quite a nice option if you do not intend taking km-long routes on foot or by bike and got or go too far if you are staying in the city. Indeed, the village is one of the most significant cherry producers in Catalonia. It will take you half an hour to reach it from Barcelona.

Province of Tarragona

In the southern part of Catalonia – the Ribera d’Ebre region, one can find fields full of peach, almond, and cherry blossoms. It is not so famous but a lovely area. If you would like to go by bike, you could consider a guided tour. You can check out for more information here. However, if you prefer walking, then we would tell you to keep in mind two things: first, the routes are not signed, and second – the trails are quite long. For sure, going by car is a good alternative since you will be able to visit other towns as well. These are for instance Miravet, Móra d’Ebre, and Tivissa.

If you are interested in exploring the fields filled with almond trees specifically, then you could consider the region Terra Alta. Be prepared to be amazed by the white and slightly pink colours of the blossoms. As we have already mentioned, they occur once a year during the end of February and mid-March.

Almond blossoms in Mallorca

From late January and during February the Balearic islands are dressed into the tenderness of the blossoming almond trees. The countryside and the inland climate in general predispose the flourishing of more than four millions almond trees. Indeed, Mallorca is a place of inspiration for many artists – photographs and painters, throughout this time of the year. You can admire some of the best views in the central and eastern regions of the island. You might want to give a look at the towns and villages of Bunyola, Lloseta, Marratxí, Sant Llorenç, Santa Maria, Selva and Sencelles.

Gran Canarias´ almond blossom festival

On the Canary islands there is a village called Tajeda. During February a major events is held there related to the blossoming almond trees. It is, indeed, one of the oldest festivals on the islands of Gran Canarias. Apart from admiring the beauty of the blooming season you have the opportunity to savour the uniqueness of some crafts offered that are being sold. Moreover, it is a great point to enjoy the vibes the local music radiates. As a matter of fact, Tajeda is considered one of the most charming villages in Spain.

As you can see, springtime in Spain is simply wonderful. However, if you would like to truly take your time and enjoy it, then you might consider staying for a bit longer. If you are wondering how to start organizing your holiday in Spain, we recommend two basic steps to get you started. First, on our blog you can find out how to start planning your trip. In Other Destinations you will find information on at least 10 main destinations in Spain. And then, comes the most important part – your accommodation. You will need to take care of finding the most comfortable place to stay depending on the area you have chosen. For that we invite you to take a look at our offers: 


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