About ApartEasy


ApartEasy was established in 2005 to fulfil an essential need: temporary accommodation in Barcelona and other destinations in Spain like Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Mallorca, Canarias, San Sebastián, Costa Brava and Costa Dorada.

From the beginning we realized that the people coming to Barcelona to spend their holidays, finish their studies or develop their career has been increasing over the years and so the demand for short and mid-term apartment rentals in Barcelona.
We concluded that the best way to connect temporary rent demand and good value apartments in Barcelona was through an agency which offers an efficient and reliable service. We focus on that and it is our main goal.

Nowadays, we are proud to be one of the key actors in the apartment rentals sector in Barcelona. ApartEasy is made up by a group of passionate professionals who really believe in what they do. Social responsible values and customer service oriented attitude constitute our identity card.

We attend you in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalonian.

Contact Details

Administration: administration@aparteasy.com
Owners: owners@aparteasy.com
General information: info@aparteasy.com

Telephone: +34 934516766
Office time: 9:00 – 19:00
Address: Santa Tecla, 3 | Barcelona

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