Wedding photoshoot in Barcelona.

Barcelona has always been one of the most attractive cities for tourists from all around the world and now it’s gaining popularity as a wedding city and attracts more and more couples. And it isn’t surprising. Wedding ceremonies and photo shoots became more popular and available to independent planning. You can contact the wedding agency or photographer directly to discuss all details of the future shooting. In this article we will point out the important details which you should consider while choosing the photographer and organizing the photo shoot.


How to choose the photographer abroad?

  1. Look at the photographer’s portfolio to have an idea of his style of shooting, processing and other details. It is important to be prepared for a certain result of your photo shoot in advance.
  2. It is always good if the photographer has his/her own website and is registered on several popular websites where photographers share results of their work. It means that a professional is popular and has certain reputation.
  3. Speaking of reputation. It is also important to search around the Internet for customer reviews about the work of your photographer. It is always nice to know his/her weak and strong points and see the examples of the experiences.
  4. Contact the photographer and ask about the estimated dates of the planned shooting, your wishes and expectations that concern the venue of a photo shoot and other details. Perhaps, your photographer will offer you already tested routes and will recommend you other professionals you may need for the shooting (hairdressers, florists, etc.)
  5. It is especially important to talk with the photographer about the key moments of the photo shoot in advance. Discuss terms of payment and the deadline to receive finished photographs. Perhaps, your photographer will be able to deliver photos in several days, but usually you will see the results in few weeks or months depending on the availability of the photographer and the season. The photo artist can hand you photos personally on a disk or USB flash drive or through the file hosting service that it is much more convenient for both parties.
  6. Make sure that you have an easy mutual understanding with the photographer. If you don’t speak Spanish you can easily find English speaking one or your compatriot who lives and works in Barcelona. It is a very international city with a lot of possibilities to find the professionals speaking any language.
  7. During photo shoot it is crucial to be with the photographer “on the same page”. This will guarantee the best results and you will enjoy the process of shooting much more. Because of this some couples prefer to bring their own photographer with them on the trip by their own expenses. However this refers to a different budget.


5 advantages of a photo shoot abroad:

  1. Photo shooting is not a very expensive service in Barcelona. The cost of hour of work of the foreign photographer can be the same as in your city and even lower.
  2. You receive exceptional photographs of your special day with the background of the city of your dreams.
  3. Local photographer will certainly help making the unique choice of locations for shooting which you may not have known without the help of the professional.
  4. You will pass by beautiful points of interest in festive attires and receive unforgettable positive emotions.
  5. These pictures will please you, your relatives and friends for many years.


5 risks and points to remember:

  1. You have to plan the trip carefully to dedicate a certain date for shooting.
  2. It is necessary to be fully aware of the risks concerning the photographer (delay/loss of photos, unsatisfying results).
  3. You need to bring the props for the shooting (dress/suit/footwear, accessories and so forth) that occupy a lot of space in your suitcases or should be bought/ rented at the photo shoot location.
  4. It is impossible to predict the weather on the date of shooting therefore it is necessary to take care of alternative routes in case of a heavy rain / snow / fog and so forth.
  5. You may not be able to postpone a photo shoot because of health reasons, etc.

Summing up, the most important components of a successful photoshoot is a carefully planned trip and a right photographer. Remember to consider every detail and be prepaired well ( clothes, footwear, accessories, flowers etc.).  Don’t forget to smile! You will remember this experience forever.



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