Barcelona Marathon 2018

The Barcelona marathon is an annual event that takes place in Barcelona, Spain.

The first Barcelona running marathon took place in 1978, so this year´s marathon will be the 40th edition. Till 2005 it was known as “Catalan marathon”. The route passes across the central city streets. The start and the finish are on España Square (Plaza España). Every year the marathon gains more and more popularity. On the start of the first marathon in 1978 there were 185 people and in 2011 on start there were 15 134 persons, from which 12 531 could finish the distance.

Runners from all over the world gather to participate. The Barcelona marathon of 2018 is not that far from now, so if you plan to partake then it is time to think of the registration. As soon as you enroll you will need to begin trainings to prepare.

marató barcelona 2013

If you always wanted to participate in a marathon, what can be better, than combining it with a trip to Barcelona?

The marathon will pass on 11th of March, 2018.

Running will begin at 08:30 on Avinguda de La Reina Maria Cristina. The limit for passing the distance is 6 hours.

To register on the Internet, it is necessary to enter the official website of the Barcelona marathon (Marató Barcelona) and send your personal information. The website is available in Spanish, Catalan, English and French, therefore filling of the form should not cause any difficulties.
The participation requires paying the contribution of 70 Euros to participate. The Internet Registration closes on 5th of March, 2018.


The route of the Barcelona marathon of 2018 begins on Avinguda de La Reina Maria Cristina and goes towards Plaza España. Then you make a circle across Barcelona, passing on the way well-known monuments. Afterwards you will return to the same point where you began. Every 5 kilometers of a route there will be stands with water, isotonic drinks, fruit and sponges.

Recorrido AVIT (300x200)_Z

On the official web site you can find a section “The Runner’s Corner” where all participants can get advice on physical training and diet.

You can find more information on the official website:

Some of our apartments are located very close to the starting and finishing point of the marathon:

Here you will find more information about apartments in Barcelona.



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