A trip to Málaga: Find your answers and start planning

Yearly average temperatures in Málaga 

When it comes to the weather in Málaga, this might be presented by grouping certain months. Below you can find a picture representing the average minumum and maximum temperatures. Moreover, we have given you a more complete description.

From June until September one could notice that in June the average temperatures start reaching from 18C up to 30C. In July they become slightly higher than the previous month, varying between 20C and 33C. As for both August and September, the minimum average could be 25C, going up to 35C in August (the hottest month) while in September the city starts cooling off slowly.

A second group is October, November and December. During that period Málaga has relatively warm temperatures. More precisely, October and November around 18C-25C and December – 15C to 20C.

As for the third group, we would put January, February and March. January and February tend to be more rainy and cloudy. The temperatures in both range from 8C to 18C. Indeed, exactly during these colder months is one of the best times to start planning your trip ahead. Concerning March – the weather typically ranges from 15C to 19C, with evenings still quite cold. However, temperatures don’t drop as low as they do in the previous two months. 

At last, April and May – the months that are a bit less predictable, especially April. During April you could experience warmer weather, yet also some cold hours throughout the day. In May the days get sunnier, and sunnier with almost no rain. As for the temperatures, they vary from 15C to 25C.

Ways to travel to Málaga 

Depending on where you travel from, you have several options to reach Málaga. These are: by plane, train, bus, boat, or car

When traveling by plane to Málaga it is good to know that Costa del Sol Airport is about 8 km away from the city. Once you arrive there you can catch the airport bus –
A Express Aeropuerto, which is available both day- and night-time. Moreover, it comes from and to Málaga city center in about 15 minutes. Another option is the local train line that would take you to Torremolinos or Málaga in less than 15 minutes. Additional connections to other locations on the Costa del Sol are also within easy reach.

In case you are traveling from another city in Spain, you might consider taking the train to Málaga. The Estación María Zambrano is a station very well connected to a range of regions via the AVE high-speed train network. Also, it is located in the city centre, 2 km from the port and 9 km from the airport. Regarding the booking of tickets, you could find more information here. From the station you have plenty of choice when it comes to public transport. You can catch the bus routes 1, 3, 4, 10, 16, 20, 27, A, Circular 1 and Circular 2 or the night bus route N1.

If you choose to go to Málaga by a cruise ship, then it would be also good for you since the city centre is close to the port – Puerto de Malaga. It is one of the main cruise ports on the Peninsula. Regular bus services are available when cruise ships are in the port. There you have multiple bus routes 8, 10, 20, 25, and M-160, as well as local train lines C-1 and C-2, making it simple to travel around using public transportation.

Another option is to travel by bus to Málaga. The bus and coach station – Estacion de autobuses de Málaga, is next to María Zambrano railway station which we have mentioned above.

Of course, going to Málaga by car is also an alternative that many might find quite comfortable since you can have your own schedule. Even with all the information and technology nowadays, we would like to give you a short orientation. From the north, you can take the A-45 highway. Furthermore, the province’s coastline is paralleled by the A-7 Mediterranean expressway.

The transportation in Málaga 

In Málaga you have two alternatives when it comes to public transportation – the metro/tram and the bus. There are two metro lines operating in Málaga. They connect the center to the university area and the western part of the city. It is important to keep in mind the working time – metro runs from 06:30h to 23:00h. As for the weekend, on Saturdays and Sundays the first metro is from 07:00h. You can find more information on Metro de Málaga.  

Perhaps, you might prefer to get around by bus, since every neighbourhood in the city is serviced by the regular service, which typically operates from 06:20h to 00:00h.There are four nighttime lines that run on a regular schedule from about 0:00h to 6:00h – EMT Málaga.

You might be interested in other means of transport in Málaga. Electric cars, bicycles, and the Puerto de Málaga observation train which are some more interesting and green methods to explore Málaga. Also, you can use taxis – easily recognized as white cars with a blue stripe.

Tips for tourists in Málaga

Since most tourist sites are located in the heart of Málaga, exploring and enjoying by simply walking around is one of the best things to do. Still, you might want to check out the tourist bus in Málaga. Nonetheless, perhaps you want a more unusual experience and try the horse-drawn carriage. The trip lasts about 45 minutes and you will see the key spots in Málaga.

For a tourist in Málaga it is quite useful to know about the Malaga Pass card. This card may be valid for up to 24, 48, 72 hours or even one week. In addition to offering discounts at certain places, it provides free admission to numerous museums and monuments.

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