Open-Air movie nights in Montjuïc

Sala Montjuïc, Barcelona

You don’t have any plan for tonight? Is it summer, hot, and want to relax rith some friends? Then this is the perfect place for you. Picnic, relax on the grass with your friends, and watch good movies and short films in a friendly athmosphere.

Every year during summer, Sala Montjuic holds it’s Open-Air film festival, showing a mix of a selection of the best movies, both classics or recent.

Cinema fresca III  Cinema fresca IV

Before the movie starts, there are often short films and concerts, or you can enjoy a picnic with your friends.

· Prices | Tickets cost 6,00 € and you can also get a deck chair for 3 euros.
· Schedulle | Movies start at 20h30 and last until midnight every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Drive, Melancolia, Intouchable, The Guard, Take Shelter,… doesn’t it sound good?


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