Moving around Barcelona – Public transport


Barcelona is a city that allows mobility in a great way. You can either walk around or use the efficient public transport system. The tickets are integrated, therefore you will be able to use all public transport with the same ticket and even shift from metro to bus or the other way, or from metro to another metro line for an hour and a half without paying twice. Fares can be found here in the metro fares site and all the information and routes of all the public transport through the metro site. 


Underground – Metro

The underground in Barcelona underground it is a safe, fast, comfortable and cheap way to move around the city.

It was established in 1929, the Barcelona Underground system was the second underground system in Spain, although railways had been functioning for long, as the first railway line in Spain was made from Barcelona to Mataró in 1848. With 11 lines, it is probably one of the most efficient undergrounds in Europe, which works perfectly most of the time. Here is the map

It is recommended to pay attention with pickpockets in crowded stations (Catalunya, Liceu, Sants Estació, Passeig de Gracia, Plaza Espanya and Arc de Triomf  stations) it is a safe way to move around even at night.

The most used tickets are:

1 travel ticket – individual – no period limpit: 2,15 Eur (CAREFULL – not integrated, can be used only once and for one meen of transport
10 travel tickets – multi person – no period limit: 10,30 Eur
50 travel tickets – individual – 30 days: 42,50 Eur
Unlimited travel – individual – 2 days: 14,00 Eur
Unlimited travel – individual – 3 days: 20,00 Eur
Unlimited travel – individual – 4 days: 25,50 Eur
Unlimited travel – individual – 5 days: 30,50 Eur

 * * * * *

Bus services

Barcelona also accounts for a great bus service, although sometimes can be difficult if you don’t know the city it is also a very good option. However, if you feel like seeing the city while moving or feel claustrophobic in the underground, you will have a chance to get buses and move like Barcelonins do! You can find a detailed service in the TMB website previously given. Barcelona has over 160 bus lines. They are pretty useful when going to the beach (36, 39, 57 and 64).

Although not public, and not included in the fare, Barcelona’s most known bus is the Bus turistic (Tour Bus). This is a great option as it will bring you straight to the interesting points in town. It is hop-on / hop-off for you to make the most of your time if you visit for a short period!

Bus turistic I  City tour

Be smart and check it out, buying your ticket online can save you 10% on your ticket price.
There are two companies that offers this service: bus turistic  and Barcelona city tours.

* * * * *

Private transport

If you feel like visiting Barcelona on your own transport, it is always good to remember that visiting the town by car can cause you a nightmare to find parking spots and worries of your car being intact when you come back the next day, and that is why you have three options offered in the city recently:


This option it gives you also the optioGO carn to ride a motorbike with a GPS that will indicate you how to get to the places you want to visit! Make the visit to the city yours by choosing and enjoying the weather with such funny bikes!

Go car website.

* * * * * 


rent electric

This option allows you to rent an electric car to move around the city, with full insurance for just 60€ per day for 2 persons. Also, you will be able to charge the batteries on the different loading spots that you have around town. A clean and funny way to have a look at the city!

Electric rent

* * * * *


Another recommend company to rent a scooter and enjoy visiting the city with the self-guided tours.

Green electric moto.

Moto rent

* * * * *


Barcelona’s growing pollution problems have turned people more environmentally aware, including in the tours electric cars and also bike tours. Being able to enjoy the weather and the city while exercising a bit, Barcelona has over 190km of bike rails where you will be able to ride freely, besides the large sidewalks (be aware as speeding in a narrow sidewalk can be fined).

Renting your bike in Barcelona gives you the ultimate independent experience. You’ll go as far as your legs allow you to do so!

Many, many bike rentals that probably deserves another post, soon 🙂

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