In 2023 Barcelona welcomes some of the greatest singers

Today we would like to share with you three of the most significant performances happening this year in Barcelona! These are the ones by Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Madonna. The great events don’t stop here, though. There are music festivals held every year in Barcelona – Primavera Sound and Sónar. You can discover all there is to know by reading the material below.

Coldplay – The music of the spheres world tour

We would like to start off with the group whose quickness in selling out all of the tickets impressed not just a few – Coldplay. After having announced that a series of performances would be staged as part of their new European tour named “Music of the Spheres“, the fans of Coldplay did not wait even a second to make sure they got a ticket! Speaking especially of Barcelona, earlier “only” two performances were planned, but due to the presale success a third concert was announced. On top of that, a fourth and final concert was added the next day! In fact, the band’s most recent performance in Spain, took place in 2016. Apparently, their fans were even more eager to attend the event after this long time and the ongoing pandemic situation. All that means that over the course of four days, Coldplay was able to sell over 200,000 tickets.

As mentioned earlier, the tickets for the concerts in Barcelona are sold out at that point. Still, we would like to share with you some information regarding the dates, the place where the event will be held and also how to get there. However, if you are interested in reading about the types of packages and tickets that were offered, you could do it here.

The dates of the four concerts will be as follows: on the 24th, 25th, 27th, and 28th of May 2023. As for the location, it will be held at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys – a stadium that is the second-largest in Catalonia and the sixth-largest in all of Spain. It is situated in the Anella Olimpica in Montjuic, a relatively large hill to the southwest of the city that has views of the harbour. For this, it was once known as the Estadio de Montjuic and Estadio Olímpic de Montjuic. You have a few options to reach it with public transport. One of them is by using the metro, more precisely metro lines L1 and L2. Also, train lines R1, R3, and R4 could get you to the area. If you prefer by bus, you could take numbers 150 and 55. You can choose from a number of possibilities depending on where your accommodation is.

In the end, we would note two more things. Firstly, teenagers under the age of 16 are permitted entry with an adult. And secondly, about the time – the first show of each of the four performances will begin at 9:30pm, i.e. 21:30h. The doors’ exact opening times are still pending confirmation.

Beyoncé: Renaissance World Tour

As you may have already heard—and it’s hard not to—the one and only Beyoncé announced a world tour for 2023! After the release of her latest album, the singer has announced the dates. The tour will launch on May 10 in Stockholm (Sweden) and end on September 27 in New Orleans (United States). There will be 41 performances overall, although only one of them will take place in Spain. The star did not miss to put Barcelona on her list.

The concert will be held on the 8th of June, in the same place we have described above – Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys. As for the tickets, members of BeyHive, Beyoncé’s official fan club, will be able to purchase them in an exclusive pre-sale that will take place on February 6 between 10am and 6pm, i.e. 10:00h and 18:00h. Likewise, people registered in will have the option to get hold of them on Thursday, February 9 from 10am to 6pm. Moreover, there is a choice from general onsale tickets, to special VIP packages for entrance. Due to the great demand for tickets, as with other artists, it is possible that a second event will be organized. The singer might give herself that permission and surprise her fans, keeping in mind that the concert immediately following the one to be held in Barcelona will be on June 11 and the one before it will be on May 30.

Madonna: The Celebration Tour

Madonna will be able to commemorate her 40-year career through the Celebration Tour. Additionally, it will include a fantastic Live Nation production that will start in North America on Saturday, July 15, at Rogers Arena in Vancouver and travel to 35 different cities. Caldwell Tidicu, better known as Bob the Drag Queen, will start each concert on the world tour, making the Celebration Tour a really unique experience. Since the queen herself will come to Barcelona as well, we would want to provide you with some background information on that. 

The concerts will take place at the Palau Sant Jordi which is located on the Montjuic mountain in Barcelona. In order to go there you could use the public transport. With the metro, lines L1 and L3 could get you there. As for the bus, you might have a look at numbers 125, 13, 150, and 55, depending on which one is the most convinient for you. In case you need to catch a train, then R1, R4, and S8 could be an option.

Madonna will held two concerts, indeed. The first one will be on the 1st of November and the second one – the following day, 2nd of November. If you are interested in having a look at the tickets, then you might have to do it earlier! You have the general onsale tickets, but also packages like: The Immaculate VIP Package, Iconic VIP Package, You Can Dance Premium Package, and more. What they include and why are they special you could find out here.

Primavera Sound & Sónar: 2023

Apart from the already mentioned above amazing artists, Barcelona has two very popular music festivals that are held every year. These are Primavera Sound and Sónar

Primavera Sound takes place between the end of May and the beginning of June. The initial event was held in Pueblo Español in 2001. Then, starting in 2005, it has been located in Parque del Fórum, a spacious location by the sea. This year Primavera would be from the 29th of May until the 4th of June. In the picture below, you could have a better look at the artists that will be involved.

Sónar, also known as the Sónar International Festival of Music, Creativity, and Technology, is an annual electronic music festival that takes place in Barcelona in June. It started in 1994 in Barcelona. This year it will be held from the 15th of June until the 17th. The festival provides professional co-creation and gathering spaces in addition to live music performances and cross-disciplinary performances. If you are curious about the experience it can give you, then you might want to check the numerous possibilities and types of entrances here.

It can be challenging to find accomodation in Barcelona during the times of such major events. However, your odds are much higher if you start planning early enough. We would encourage you to take care of arranging accommodation if you are already beginning to consider attending some of the concerts we have mentioned, or even a couple of them. The earlier the better. Thereby, we provide you with the most practical initial step and invite you to take glance at the accommodations we have available. Just click the following link:


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