Sitges, the queen of Barcelona south coast.


Sitges is located on the Mediterranean coast, only 35 km south of Barcelona, at the southern edge of the Garraf Massif, a rock mountain who represents the natural barrier between Barcelona and Sitges. 

The city has a surface of 43.7 kilometres and an altitude of 10 meters. According to the census its population in 2012 was of 29.039 people.

Sitges’s population is characterized by its heterogeneous, due to the fact that there are over 70 different nationalities composing it, which is actually a superb source of cultural enrichment.

Sitges VI  Sitges

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How to reach Sitges

Sitges is easy to access, since it is well connected to Barcelona by road, motorway and railway links. The BarcelonaPratInternationalAirport is 15 km away.

By train: RENFE suburban trains connect Barcelona and Sitges aproximately every 15 minutes from Barcelona Sants and Passeig de Gracia train stations. The trip takes 30 minutes.

By bus: The MonBus company offers bus service connecting Sitges with Barcelona way-return, with regular stops at the Airport.

Catalunya Bus Turístic offers a guided day-trip that starts in Barcelona and ends in Sitges.

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Things to do all over the year

The Beaches


playas sitges  playas sitges I

Sitges is the queen of the coast: in a relatively small town like this there are seventeen beaches!

You will easily find the one that is perfect for you, apart from family beaches, there are nudist and gay ones. The crowdest use to be the closest to the city center, so if you need some more calmness and privacy  you can walk just a bit further.

Here are the names of some of the main beaches and their tendencies:

Platja Sant Sebastiá (all groups of people), Platja de la Fragata (expecially families), Platja d’Aiguadolç (both nudist and non), Platja dels Balmains (mostly nudist) Platja de la Rodona (gay friendly) Platja de les Anquines (all groups, very peaceful and with a cove).

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The SITGES Internation Film Festival of Catalonia (11-20 October 2013)


Festival cine  film festival I


SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is the most important fantasy film festival in the world and Catalonia has many reasons to be proud of this event. This unique film festival is a great time for encounters, exhibitions, presentations and screenings of fantasy films from all the planet.

Born in 1968, nowadays it is a must for movie lovers and curious.

You can buy your tickets online at

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The Carnival (25th Feb the 5th of March 2014)

The Sitges Carnival, organized each year in February, is the most exciting winter festival of Catalonia. Its parties and parades are much more relevant than Barcelona carnival, so it is definitely worth a visit.


Sitges VII  Sitges XIX

During the Carnaval week there are many different parades, the biggest and most crowded are the evening parades, expecially the one that takes place on Sunday, called “Rua de la Disbauxa” and on Tuesday, called “Rua de l’Extermini”.

Other very impressive events in Sitges Carnival are: the fireworks show and the election of the carnival King and Queen, apart from the children’s parades.

This hedonistic Festival ends on Ash Wednesday with a quite surrealistic event, called “entierro de la sardina” (buried of a sardine) that consist in burning a sardine effigy on the beach after a sarcastic funeral parade. 100% Catalan sense for humor!

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