Barcelona beaches at a glance.


Barcelona has 9 different beaches to offer, with over 6 km of sand for you to suntan and enjoy a refreshing break during your stay in this beautiful city. It is not only about the area, each Barcelona beach is known for something different and has a different athmosphere. Do you want surfing? nudism? beachvolley? skateparks? Check out our Beaches review to know where to go if you come in summer to Barcelona.

From South to North: 



Sant Sebastià & Sant Miquel Beaches

1. top-beach-beaches-barcelona-playa-sant-sebastia-sant-miquel

Mostly known for… iconic W hotel and boats 

This beach is full of small boats of people who go fishing or just sailing. Although it may seem unappealing, it is also unappealing for the rest of people, which makes it one of the beaches with fewer slots to suntan!

There is an specific place of about 50-100 meters for nudist beach. 

* * * * *

Barceloneta Beach

2. top-beach-beaches-barcelona-playa-barceloneta

Mostly known for… its chiringuitos 

Barcelona’s most known beach, and the most crowded one offers you plenty of close-by small bars with terraces (chiringuitos) where you will be able to enjoy from a Mojito to Spanish food & tapas!

* * * * *

Somorrostro Beach

3. top-beach-beaches-barcelona-playa-de-Somorrostro-paseo-nova-icaria

Mostly known for… nice sightseeing 

The Somorrostro beach has one of the finest sea wiewpoints in Barcelona. You can walk literally over the beach through its walkway!

* * * * *

Nova Icària Beach

4. top-beach-beaches-barcelona-playa-de-nova-icaria-volley

Mostly known for… beach volley! 

Past of the sportive dock we find the Nova Icaria, a beach where you can find the nets that have become its trademark. Plenty of beach volley players around, with a young average age, make this the perfect beach for young people that want to practice beach sports!

* * * * *

Bogatell Beach

5. top-beach-beaches-barcelona-playa-de-bogatell-volley

Mostly known for… highest average age 

Being the beach with a highest average age of sunbathers, you can easily find the reasons. It is one of the quietest beaches in Barcelona, while being handicapped-friendly. Ramps are present; and so are public toilets for handicapped.

* * * * *

Mar Bella & Nova Mar Bella

6. top-beach-beaches-barcelona-playa-de-nova-mar-bella-skate-skatepark

Mostly known for… nudism and skating parks 

In this relatively new beach (it was adapted as a beach for the Olympic Games in 1992), you will find the only place in Barcelona where nudism is practiced and accepted.

At the backside, back on the asphalt, you will find plenty of skate parks that have become really famous in Barcelona.

Also here is the office of one of the most important dive centre in Barcelona, Vanas dive.

* * * * *

Llevant Beach

7. top-beach-beaches-barcelona-playa-de-llevant

Mostly known for… strong waves and surfing

One of the most eastern beaches of Barcelona is where the strongest waves can be found. There are sights of surfers often in groups trying to practice while catching the best waves in Barcelona!

* * * * *


Now you know everything about Barcelona beaches!
Which one is your favourite?


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