Barcelona Christmas markets


The first thing you need to know is that the Barcelona Christmas Markets are Spanish markets, so if you are looking for that German or northern Europe taste, like hot wine and bratwurst style, they may not be your favourites. On the other hand, what’s good about Barcelona christmas markets is that they are just… different.

Moreover, Catalans have their own version of the German gluhwein, which is a white hot wine with delicious spices. And they also have amazing sausages, like the traditional Butifarra.

So fight against the clichés and give it a change to this Mediterranean version of a Christmas classic. You will probably want to repeat!

* * * * *

Fira de Santa Lucía

Where: Plaza de la Catedral.
Metro: Jaume I

Undoubtedly the most important Christmas Market in the city, held since 1786 in one of the most impressive Barcelona’s square.

Most of its stalls sell Christmas trees and decoration, but there is also a section called “Artesanía” with hand-made and artisan products such as jewellery, toys, leather goods and many ornaments.

In the evening you will feel the magical Christmas atmosphere, thanks to the market’s lights that shine all around and on the Cathedral facade.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase the most authentic and original Catalan Christmas’s figure: the “Caga-tio”, a log with a smiling face painted on its side which is supposed, according to the Catalan mythology, to defecate the presents once you put it under the Christmas tree and beat it while singing traditional Christmas’s songs. It may not be appropriate any customer’s taste but it is definitely an original metaphor.

Santa Llucia I  Santa Llucia  

* * * * *

Fira de Nadal a la Sagrada Familia

Adress: Plaza de la Sagrada Familia, 1
Metro: Sagrada Familia

This market offers similar products as the Fira de Santa Lucía but it is smaller and maybe less atmospheric. Anyhow, if you are visiting the Sagrada Familia, you can profit to have a round and see both things in one trip.

mercat Sagrada Familia I  mercat Sagrada Familia

* * * * *

Fira de Brocanters

Adress: Avenida Portal de l’Angel, 37
Metro: Catalunya

If you are looking for a a variety of antiques, jewellery, postcards, ornaments, stamps and curiosities in general, this is the one for you. Some products are also quite pricey, which may suggest that this market is especially suitable for serious antique collectors.

* * * * *

Col.lectiu d’Artesans de l’Alimentació

Adress: Plaza del Pi
Metro: Liceu

You’re right, this is not a Christmas’s market, and actually it is available all year long.

All the same, isn’t it Christmas a lot about eating? Here you go, with a delicious selection of local cheese, honey, wines, cakes and pates. Don’t miss it, especially if you’re flying light, since most of the stalls offer taste of the products on sell. Yummy!

* * * * *

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