A quick look over Gracia district.



Until the XIX century, before joining to Barcelona, Gràcia was born as a separate village. The locals are very proud of their roots and have a bohemian spirit. There lives a cluster of people from all around the world, artists and families with old traditions. Nowadays, Gràcia is very close to Barcelona city center, but walking through its streets gives the impression of being in a small Catalan village.


The area is populated by artists and bohemian people. It has a wide diversity of etnies and it also has a large population of seniors. People from Gràcia have a very modern and quirky style. In addition, we can say that Gràcia is an authentic place, with more locals than tourists. It has a peculiar population, but is a very quiet and safe area due to its location in Barcelona.


Gràcia main attractions

  • Plaça de Sol: It is the best known place in this neighborhood. It is full of cafes-terraces and it’s the place that people choose to go for a drink at night.
  • Gran de Gràcia Street: It is a famous pedestrian street, full of small traditional shops, popular clothing chains, small design shops, many shoe stores and international bars and restaurants. It’s the perfect place for a pleasant pedestrian promenade and a nice dinner at a terrace.
  • Jardinets de Grácia: These popular gardens are at the top of ‘Paseo de Gracia’ boulevard. They are formerly known as Jardinets de Gràcia and they were dedicated to the memory of the poet Salvador Espriu.
  • Casa Fuster is a modernist building created by Lluis Domenech and Montaner, located in front of ‘Jardinets de Gràcia’. The building is based on robust stone columns, rose windows and floral decoration.
  • Park Güell: It is a public park, with gardens, situated in the district of Gracia, on top of Barcelona. Conceived as urbanization, it was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí, and it represents the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism.
  • Casa Gaudí-Museum: it is located inside Park Guell and was the residence of Antoni Gaudí for twenty years. Nowadays, it is a museum that contains a wide collection of furniture and objects designed by the famous architect.
  • Festa major: Gràcia is also well known for the Gracia festivities that take place every August during five days. The streets are decorated for the occasion and at night the streets are filled with people, drinks and live music of all kinds.

festa major

How to get to Gràcia

Getting to Gràcia by public transport is very easy:

  • Metro Line 3 (green line) Stops: Diagonal, Fontana,
    for Park Güell: Vallcarca.
  • Catalan Railways (FGC): Gràcia stop
  • Bus: There also are several bus lines running through the neighborhood.

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