Bar Casi – Great catalan food at a fantastic price.


Bar Casi is a small miracle in a city like Barcelona, ​​where it seems increasingly difficult to find a restaurant with no hidden surprises. We can’t include the Bar Casi in the list of fancy and fine cuisine places in Barcelona, but the quality quantity of the food meet the expectations. This marvel of authentic catalan cuisine invites us to enjoy their dishes in a very rustic ambience, radically anti-design.

But design is not a problem when you are here to fill your belly! In Bar Casi all that matters is food and good company. Waiters are super nice and never lose their smile, which makes each guest feel at home. Although this is a 100% local food restaurant, Bar Casi doesn’t forget about tourists that are on holiday in Barcelona. They actually proudly display the following slogan: “We speak poor english, but we cook very well”.


And they are right! At Casi Bar, there might not be a fancy display of the plates, but the quality of the food and the generosity of the portions are to the level of many catalan iaias. Among the most appreciated starters are: escalibada, cauliflower with potatoes, steamed mussels, fish soup and stewed lentils.

Main course: meatballs, steak, grilled salmon, baked chicken and so on. Their menu dishes vary depending on the season and it includes bread, dessert and coffee.

If you feel like having a big catalan meal in an authentic place in Barcelona, ​​do not miss the Bar Casi. Not all luxuries are expensive.


Venue details

Carrer de Massens, 70, 08024 | Barcelona 

Prices | Starter + main course + drink + dessert + coffee
Monday – Friday: 10€
Week ends: 11€

How to get there
L3 Lesseps, L4 Joanic

93 219 81 14


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