The zoo of Barcelona – A great experience for parents and kids!


Barcelona Zoo opened its doors in 1892 inside the perimeter of the Ciutadella Park, during the Universal Exhibition organized at that time in Barcelona. You will find a very wide variety of animals, such as amphibians (frogs), birds (penguins, flamingos, vultures, ostriches), mammals (dolphins, elephants, gazelles, bears …) and reptiles (crocodiles, iguanas, pythons are found, turtles).

Among its services are different bars and restaurants, 4 picnic areas and a small electric train that makes the tour of the park, ideal for those who want to visit the facilities in a comfortable but fun way! The zoo of Barcelona is also prepared to accommodate group visits and educational school tours, as well as guests with disabilities.


The direction of Barcelona Zoo declares on its website and in the media that its primary mission is to help the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity in the world. To achieve this, an educational activity is proposed to raise awareness towards the respect of species and ecosystems, in collaboration with several universities and scientific centers.


Besides this, in 2012 the Barcelona Zoo has been the center of a controversy by two animal associations, which have revealed to reporters a few videos and photos showing the underground of the zoo. There, animals would be kept between 15 and 17 hours a day in small iron cages without access to natural light, to go outside only in the opening hours of the park. Associations had reported the incident to the Environment Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Venue details

Parc de la Ciutadella s/n
08003 Barcelona

Opening hours
The zoo is openned every day of the year, closes at 17h00 in winter and at 20h00 in summer.

Adults: 19,90€
Kids from 3 to 12 years: 11,95€
+65 years:

Contact number
(+34) 902 45 75 45


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