The Botanical Gardens of Barcelona


Barcelona’s botanical gardens are located in Montjuic, close to the 1992 Olympic Gams stadium. Jardi Botanic de Barcelona opened in 1999, after the construction of the Olympic sites damaged the Historical Botanical Garden of Montjuic, established in 1930. Both botanical gardens continue to thrive and are commonly referred to as the old and new botanical garden.


The new botanical garden is right behind the Olympic Stadium and covers a surface of 14 hectares. The garden is divided into different sections or homoclimatic zones, according to the geographical origin of the flora, including Chile, Australia, Canary Islands, California, South Africa, eastern and western Mediterranean. A total of approximately 2000 different species. The garden has pretty little paths winding through the plants and swamps, which makes it a wonderful option to spend the day with the whole family. Kids will love it!

The gardens also research and cultivate new species of plants which are grown in the garden’s nurseries and then added to the garden. The aim of the garden is to preserve and nurture the Mediterranean biodiversity with a special focus of plants from Catalonia.


Venue details


Dr. Font i Quer, 2. 08038 | Barcelona


Metro: L3 (green) | Stop: Plaça Espanya


JAN, FEB, MAR, OCT, NOV and DEC, from MON to SUN from 10h to 17h.
APR, MAY, JUN, JUL, AUG and SEP, from MON to SUN from 10h to 19th.


JAN 1st, MAY 1st, JUN 24th and DEC 25th.


Adult +29 years: 3,50€
Reduced price (from 16 to 29 years and +65): 1,70€
Kids -16: FREE

There are free tours on weekends except in August.
You can get a free entrance to the Jardí Botànic using the Barcelona Card


(+34) 93 256 41 60



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