Black Friday in Barcelona

For already six years thousands of Barcelona citizens prefer to go for Christmas shopping on the last Friday of November. Why? Because it’s not just a Friday, but “Black Friday”.  It is a day when a lot of online and some offline stores announce sales on all types of products.

The tradition has come from the USA where Black Friday falls on Friday after Thanksgiving Day which is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. The Spanish businessmen have adopted the methods of the American salesmen and also have decided to offer the clients good discounts. At first discounts were more modest, in comparison with what we see now, but in 2015, 2 million people have made purchases on “Black Friday”, having spent on average 150 Euros.

Nowadays Black Friday in Barcelona has turned into one of the main trade events of  the year, thanks to record sales.


This year Black Friday falls on November 24th and sales will begin after midnight of 23rd.

By rules of Black Friday the discounts should be available 24 hours, however many shops extend the sales till Monday which in this case receives the name Cyber Monday (this year – on November 27).

Among other shops, during these days such commercial giants as El Corte Inglés, Amazon, Media Markt and Fnac organize huge sales.


There are some tips that you can follow to make the best out of this year’s sales:

Make sure to make the list of goods that you would like to buy. Look at offers in shops and on the Internet.

Decide on the sum which you are ready to spend. We get easily distracted by the unnecessary products that look appealing because of discount, so take limited amount of money with you in order to not spend more than you should.

The best time for shopping on “Black Friday” is midnight! On midnight you will have an opportunity to be the first to buy. Probably, everyone has seen on the internet the madness which occurs in the USA during the opening of shops. Of course, in Spain it won’t be like that, but it is better to hurry to not to miss the product that you like.

Constantly monitor shops and goods. Sometimes the price can change during the day. Of course, it is very tiresome, but you can subscribe to newsletters from shops to stay informed.

We wish you a successful and pleasant shopping on Black Friday in Barcelona 🙂




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