International Jazz Festival in Barcelona

The Voll-Damm International Jazz Festival in Barcelona is one of the most known jazz festivals in the world and one of the most important musical events in Barcelona and Spain. It takes place annually in October-December. This year’s events are distributed between the 13th of October to 20th of December.

Traditionally, across the whole Europe a large number of jazz festivals take place in fall, but because of the large scale and famous artists Barcelona Jazz Festival deserves a special attention. It is also one of the longest and largest festivals in Europe. It lasts almost two months.

The International Jazz Festival takes place since 1966. Over time the festival has evolved and now has become an important event in the world of jazz culture. It is annually attended by more than 50 thousand people.


It is worth mentioning that the participants of the festival are worldwide known jazz stars from different countries come here not only for the show, but also to meet their colleagues and enjoy each other. Among participants there are such celebrities as Jamie Cullum, Omar Sosa, Jaques Morelenbaum, Richard Galliano, Paolo Angeli, Lee Wayne Shorter, Jimmy Cobb and many other interesting performers. These are world famous jazz musicians, tenor saxophonists, jazz pianists, singers, orchestras and of course young musicians who are given a unique opportunity to show themselves to a big public.

Besides a huge number of concerts, all jazz fans can participate in various master classes, conferences, seminars and creative meetings, see the photo exhibitions and movies devoted to jazz history.

The festival takes place in different locations, from the majestic Palau de la Musica to the  bars and clubs such as Jamboree and famous jazz club Harlem.

Some festival events are free and don’t require purchasing the ticket. They take place in public places or open air. Therefore all guests can find something suitable for their taste to enjoy live jazz.

As the festival takes place in different locations, there is no ticket that would allow visiting all the events. You have to buy the ticket for each individual show.

You can purchase tickets and see the programme at the festival’s official website.

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Enjoy it!

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