Half Marathon in Barcelona

The half marathon in Barcelona, also known as Mitja Marato de Barcelona, is carried out every year in February — March. Next half marathon in Barcelona will take place on 11th of February, 2018.

The Barcelona half marathon gathers runners from all around the world. It gives the chance to run on city streets but it not as tough as full marathon. Not everyone is able to pass a full distance marathon, therefore the half marathon of 21,10 kilometers will suit those who are trying their forces before going for a full distance marathon.


The running race starts and ends at Arc de Triomf. The running distance passes by the most picturesque districts of the city: from the Arc de Triomf to the area Barceloneta, further on Via Laietana Avenue to the Plaza Catalunya and down Ramblas to the Monument of Columbus, up the Paral.lel and by Gran via Avenue will return to the Arc de Triomf. From here the route will proceed to the Tower Agbar, and then to the Forum and further along the beach will return again to the Arc de Triomf where the finishing line of a half-marathon of Barcelona is located. So passing the half marathon will be like a sightseeing tour 🙂

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Some of our apartments are just next to Ciutadella Park and Arc de Triomf, where the starting and ending point of the race is located:


You can register online on the official site. The chip is necessary for participation and you can buy it at registration for €3.00.

For participation in the Barcelona half-marathon it is possible to be registered as personally as on the Internet.  Try to do it as soon as possible, as the number of places is limited. Registration closes when the number of participants reaches 16 500. Having registered, you will only need to prepare for the competition.

More information about the Barcelona half-marathon on the official website

More information about accommodation in Barcelona



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