Costa Brava awaits you – A worthwhile visit

Costa Brava is a coastal area located in the northeastern part of Spain – in the province Girona. It is as well a place with a good Mediterranean climate throughout the year.
But what exactly makes Costa Brava a destination that is worth the visit?

Today we talk about some of the reasons to travel to Costa Brava – the place where each person can find a range of activities that suit all types of interests!

History and Culture of Costa Brava

Costa Brava has a lot to offer to people interested in exploring both the past and the culture of the area. It has a rich history that dates back to the first century BC. Moreover, you can still see numerous evidence of the Roman, Medieval, and Arab influence in relation to the architecture, castles, and monuments left. As for the cultural experience, one can visit museums, art galleries, and various places related to handcraft. Besides that, you can enjoy quality local wine and taste traditional delicious seafood if you want to encounter even more of the traditional atmosphere.

Nature and Beaches in Costa Brava

The nature in Costa Brava is simply magnificent. What is impressive is that you could experience nature from steep cliffs and hills, to beaches with golden sands. The beauty of coastal landscapes can really leave you speechless. No matter if you are the type of person that prefers a more inland environment, or the opposite – you look for the feeling of spaciousness that the coastline gives, in Costa Brava you can have both.

The breathtaking beaches in Costa Brava are known for being one of the best. It is to be mentioned that there are family-friendly beaches, with clear and shallow water, both sandy or with pebbles. There is an amazing diversity – you can choose from a wide variety of spots and also explore private coves that are more isolated. However, the beaches are not the only stunning part of Costa Brava. There are beautiful inland towns and lovely villages to be visited, as you will see next.

Towns and Villages in Costa Brava

Normally, you might be tempted to remain near the shore anytime during your vacation. Although in Costa Brava, it shouldn’t be the case. Of course, you may still enjoy the beaches, but this region offers even more to be discovered. Taking a trip to some of the picturesque inland towns such as Peratallada with its exquisite old stone buildings and narrow paths, or Begur – well-known for the boutique shops and cobblestone streets, could make you feel as if you are time traveling and escaping reality for some time. These are merely two examples, after all, but there are many other beautiful places which you could explore.

Events and Festivals Taking Place in Costa Brava

You can never be bored in Costa Brava. Having explored the history and culture, the nature and the towns around, is not the end of your trip. For instance, if you are a music lover, you might be interested in the three big festivals taking place in Costa Brava during July and August. There are both local and international well-known artists. Additionally, there are smaller festivals and local events happening – from theater related ones, to concerts. The difference is that the smaller events are with more locally focused, and also could be more inexpensive or even for free in comparison to the larger festivals. Here you can find more details related to that topic.

The Costa Brava region is vibrant all year round, not only during the summer months. In other words, there are a variety of events each month that could resonate with every type of personality – there is something for everyone! Indeed, we will touch upon that more thoroughly in some of our next posts.

In the following posts we will give you specifics on each of the subtopics mentioned today. You can expect much more detailed information regarding certain beaches that we would suggest visiting, depending on your preferences. Also, you will find out how you could experience the local atmosphere in terms of gastronomy, cultural traditions, and more. Of course, we will help you with choosing and organizing your trips to the marvelous towns and villages around. Furthermore, as already mentioned, we will discuss more precisely which events and festivals you could enjoy depending on the month you choose to have your vacation in Costa Brava. Stay tuned!

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