Mallorca: Four steps to planning your trip

You often hear about people going to Mallorca and having a great time, and you think to yourself, “I should do that”, but you never follow through? You may be postponing because of the issue nowadays where we are surrounded by too much information and still do not know where to start.

For that reason, we will guide you by offering advice on organizing your trip to Mallorca. Starting from scratch might be overwhelming but we will show you how to do it with ease. Now is your chance to start planning the basics by simply following four steps!

When should I visit Mallorca?

In order to visit Mallorca, you should consider the weather throughout the year. Depending on your preferences, the best time to travel might differ. If you prefer more moderate weather, then the period from March until May might be suitable for you. During that time the highest temperatures vary from around 17°C to 23°C.

The summer is quite an extended period in Mallorca. That means from June until the beginning of September, the highest average temperature reaches 28°C to 32°C. In fact, July and August are good alternatives if you want to experience Mallorca in a lively and more crowded way. Nonetheless, in case you prefer the opposite, then September and October might be your months to plan a trip. That period would mean mild temperatures, and more tranquility.

Which is the best way to reach Mallorca?

Traveling to Mallorca by plane is a very easy thing to do. Why is that? Mallorca has one of the most international airports, hence there are flights on a regular basis. Depending on your place of departure you could choose between 29 airlines that operate at Palma de Mallorca Airport.

Of course, there are other possibilities for travel, such as cruise ships and ferries, but the majority of people choose to fly into Mallorca because it is the simplest way to get from point A to point B.

After selecting the way you would travel most comfortably, you are now ready to go to step three – one of the most crucial steps in planning a vacation.

Where should I stay in Mallorca?

The process of planning a vacation typically involves the challenging yet crucial task of finding accommodation. Your decision regarding the accommodation will be influenced by two key variables. These are the people (whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or just by yourself) and the area, meaning where you would like to stay during your visit. When traveling to Mallorca you might consider three main alternatives.

One is being very close to the coast. If you are the kind of person who would rather be near the sea and merely wants to be able to walk to the beach in a short amount of time, then you have got the answer for yourself.

However, Mallorca has relatively short distances as you could see on the map. Knowing that, you might go for the second option, which is being located at more central parts instead of the coastline. If you want to enjoy that atmosphere and just spend some days visiting different beaches, this might be the best option for you. As for how to get to various areas in Mallorca, do not worry – in the following step, we show you how to travel around.

A third possibility for accommodation could be a villa. Indeed, renting villas in Mallorca could be quite costly. Even so, nothing stops you from having a look at them and making the best decision for yourself. However, renting a villa in the countryside in Mallorca is more budget friendly compared to the ones on the coast. Moreover, villas could be a very good option for families and groups of friends.

But still, what could you begin with in order to find your accommodation?
On our webpage you could easily have a look at all types of accommodations in Mallorca we have to offer. By following the link below you can check our website, where you are free to browse and filter based on your requirements:


What is the best transportation in Mallorca?

Last but not least stands the topic regarding the most convenient transportation in Mallorca. In order to be able to visit various beaches and explore all the places that you wish, without a doubt, we recommend renting a car. It should be taken into consideration that renting a car in Mallorca might be challenging. It is highly probable to run into this issue, particularly at times when there are the most tourists. Therefore, we advise that you arrange it as soon as you can.

To sum up, planning your trip to Mallorca can be very pleasant and smooth. All you need to do is keep in mind four critical moments. Firstly, choose the best time to visit that fits your preferences. Secondly, pick the most convinient way to reach Mallorca for you. Afterwards, there are two essential tasks left that must be completed ahead of time – finding the most appropriate accommodation and take care of renting a car.

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