The Fallas festival in Valencia

Fallas celebrations, a festival that mixes tradition, satire, and art, take up Valencia from the 4th of February to the 19th of March. Since this event is not to be missed at all costs we would like give you some information regarding the programme this year.

Fallas preparations typically last the entire year. All year long, volunteers from the committee, falleras, and falleros work tirelessly to plan and create the fallas, plan activities, and generate money for the festival. In the end, they manage to bring it all together to produce the most impressive and vibrant festival they are capable of. Hundreds of 10-meter-tall enormous dolls representing politicians, movie stars, and toreadors are paraded alongside bonfires and pyrotechnic displays. Although the long process involved in making those dolls, tossing them into the fires is the festival’s high point. Flames and explosions are everywhere. The final days of March, between the 15th and the 19th, are considered to be the most crucial and important days and are commonly referred to as Semana Fallera days. In the following paragraph you can see have a look at the plan for this year.

On the 3rd of February is the opening of the ninot and pyrotechnic show with a variety of lights and colour effects. Then, on the 26th of February there are a few events happening from 6:30 am until the evening. You can find more details here. Everyday from the 1st until the 14th of March from 2 pm you have the opportunity to see the “Mascletà” in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. As for the last days of the festival which are considered the most important ones, we give you some more details bellow.

On the 15th of March in the morning it is the Plantà Infantil when allegorical sculptures for the children are to be seen all over the city. Later in the afternoon is the proclamation of the Ninot Indultat which means that The Ninot Exhibition is over and the winner is selected. Then, at midnight one can observe the Albà de les Falles – a fireworks show that announces the festival’s closing days. 

The 16th of March begins with a loud parade with firecrackers and marching bands known as Despertà. In the evening again around midnight there is a big firework show – Castillo de Fuegos Artificiales. It takes place in Paseo de la Alameda.

The following day, 17th of March, is also marked by a strong start with Despertà. An interesting event around the afternoon is Ofrenda de las Flores. It is related with offering flowers in honour to the Patron Saint of the city. During the night there is no time to be silent, as well. Around 1 am you can see the Castillo de Fuegos Artificiales once again.

On the 18th of March the program is quite the same as the day before. One different thing is in the evening when Nit del Foc is happening instead of the previous firework events. This one is the the most awaited firework displays of the festival, taking place in the same place – Paseo de la Alameda.

The last day of Fellas – the 19th of March, after the Despertà there is the fire parade with fireworks, dancers, floats, and fire-eaters – Cavalcada del Foc. What follows are the bonfires Fallas infantiles Cremà. Later, after the fallas infantiles have burnt is time for Fallas mayores Cremà. After all that the festival closes with the final fires Municipal Cremà.

As you could imagine, the Las Fallas event draws large crowds of both locals and visitors. Thus, it is advised to check for places to stay in advance due to the large number of tourists during the festival days and the strong demand for accommodation. For that reason, we invite you to have a look at our webpage and book a place as soon as possible:


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