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Montserrat, the first National Park in Spain, is a multi-peaked mountain located on the Catalan Pre-coastal range. The word Montserrat literally means “sawed mountain” refering to its rocks figures and shape. The Montserrat massif was declared Natural Park in 1987 and, due to its unique geological characteristics, it a real open air museum.

Visiting Montserrat meets all the requirements to be a unique experience. This extraordinary natural attraction is enriched by spiritual, historical and symbolic values.


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The Nature


The vegetation in Montserrat is predominantly Mediterranean, but among the 1.250 species you can find in this massif, there are also many others natural forms. About the fauna, you will be welcomed by woodpigeons, thrushes and falcons, as well as squirrels, mountain goats, wild boars and salamanders.

All the same, Montserrat reputation is especially due to its rocks, whose geological origins are sedimental, so that they are very resistant and hard to erosion.

Despite it, over the centuries the climate shaped its rocks in such an interesting way that popular imagination named some of its picks and invented legends to explain their fantastic origins.

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The Spirituality


The community of Montserrat’s Benedectine monks is made up of around 80 monks, whose main dedications are praying, welcoming the pilgrims and taking care of the monastery and sanctuary.

To stay at the monastery can be a very interesting accommodation solution. As a guest, you are invited to share meals and prayers with the monks, but you can also decide to plan your days following your own rhythm and needs.

La Moreneta 

The LMorenetaady of Montserrat, popularly known as “La Moreneta” (the Dark One) because of her skin colour, is Catalonia Patron Saints since 1881. It is one of the “Black Madonnas” of Europe, a type of Virgin Mary statues or paintings of mainly medieval origin which features dark or black skin.

Its statue, located at the rear of the sanctuary chapel surrounded by a gold altar, is one of the most celebrated images in Spain. 

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The Culture

There are plenty of cultural activities you can enjoy in Montserrat, here are the most outstanding:

– Visiting the Montserrat museum and library.
– Have a look at the new Interactive Exhibition.
– The Escolania boys’ choir is one of the oldest in Europe; it accompanies ceremonies and praying in the basilica. Some of the monks at Montserrat work composing, producing and teaching music for the choir. 

More info at Montserrat visit.

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How to reach Montserrat

Just as the mountains of Montjuic and Tibidabo are inside Barcelona, the mountain of Montserrat is located 60 km (37 miles) northwest of Barcelona.

Deciding how to reach Montserrat is a question of time and inspiration, since the path can be as enriching as the destination. 

By foot | You can walk to Montserrat as the pilgrims do it. This path is actually part of one of the most overrated long distance trail in the world, the “Camino de Santiago”.

By train | If you are not in the mood for so much walking, you can take the comfortable FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat) trains to Montserrat.
Departure from Barcelona Plaça Espanya Station every hour from 08.36 am.
Once you are there then you can either climb the mountain or take also the funicular railway.

By car | Montserrat is a short way from most of the Catalonia’s main cities, since it is well connected by the main road system. It will take you approximately one hour by car from Barcelona. You can get until the sanctuary and once there profit of one of the fair price parking solutions.

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Did you find this post interesting? Have you ever visited Montserrat? If not yet, are you willing to? We love hearing from you, so feel free to give us your feed-back!

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