17 Top tapas restaurants in Barcelona


Have you ever eaten tapas? Do you know what a tapa is? For those ones who haven’t tried it yet, tapas are just small portions of typical Spanish dishes. One tapa might not feel your stomach, but it becomes a much better experience when you share dozens of them with a group of friends, at the terrace of a bar in Barcelona.

There many uncountable tapas dishes: prawns, mussels, fried or grilled squid, sardines, small sardines, octopus, grilled razor fish, cuttlefish, sepia drawing, tuna, cod, cod croquettes, anchovies, chips, spicy sauce chips, chicken croquettes,  made salad, sausage, ham, olives, bread with olive oil, and so on… Every bar makes their customized “tapa del chef”, and there are contests, routes, prizes and tournaments every year.

tapas bars in barcelona bar where eat tapa

There is also a kind of tapa. tipical from the bask country, called “montadito”, or “pintxo“. It refers to bite-size tapas mountes on a pice of bread. In Spain, “Vamos de tapas” or “Vamos de pintxos” are synonims, almost every tapas bar serves both.


Tapas and montaditos are a very good option when you are a group of people and so you can try several dishes and not get full quickly. In Barcelona and in general throughout Spain, we use to take tapas and montaditos at dinner time but they could also be good as a starter in lunch time or as an aperitif. We use to take them with a beer or a glass of wine, coke or water could also be an option.

Most of bars have some tapas and montaditos in the bar and also most of the restaurants have their tapas section in their menu so don’t worry you will find them easily.

But, being from Barcelona, we would like to recommend you our preferred restaurants of tapas & montaditos. Surely we have missed some remarkable places but this is the risk of any list 🙂

1. LA FLAUTA (€-€€)
Carrer d’Aribau 23 (Eixample). +34 933237038

C/ Mallorca, 236 (Eixample). +34 932160368.

Rambla de Catalunya, 18 (Eixample – Plaza Catalunya). +34 933181997.

4. LIZARRAN (€-€€)
Consell de Cent, 335 (Eixample) web

5. COURE (€€)
Passatge Marimon 20 (Sarria-Eixample). +34 932007532 web

6. COMERÇ 24 (€€€)
carrer comerç, 24 (Born). +34933192102 web

Francesc Cambó, 16 (Born-Gotic)

Las Ramblas, 91 (Gotic) +34 933171731

9. EL XAMPANYET (€-€€)
Carrer de Montcada, 22 (Gotic). +34 933197003

carrer Montcada 29 ( Gotic). +34 933101607. web

11. SAGARDÍ (€-€€)
Carrer de l’Argenteria, 62 (Gotic) +34933199993. web

12. CAÑETE (€€)
carrer de la unio 17 (Gotic). web

carrer Balboa, 16 (Barceloneta). +34 933107880. web

14. QUIMET & QUIMET (€-€€)
carrer Poeta Cabanyes, 25 (Poble Sec). +34 934423142

15. TICKETS. (€€€)
Av Paralel ,164 (Eixample – Sant Antoni). No phone. web

16. BILBAO (€€)
carrer Perill, 33 (Gracia). +34 934589624

17. MUT (€€)
carrer pau Claris 192 (Eixample – Gracia). +34 932174338 web


Enjoy your meal!

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