Ski resorts close to Barcelona


Did you think that combining a trip to Barcelona and a skiing trip is not possible? Well, is not like that. Not everybody knows that just in a 2 hours ride from Barcelona you can get to a few skiing resorts.

If you are willing to make the best out of your winter trip then you can dedicate a day to ski at the Pyrenees Mountains and make your vacation even more diversified.
Next to Barcelona there are 4 most popular skiing tracks that are visited by thousands of people each season: Masella, La Molina, Port del Comte and Grand Valira (Andorra).


La Masella Ski resort has got dozens of slopes that extend from the mountain La Tosa d’Alp till Pla de Masella valley. The height of this ski run is 2.235 meters.  There are lots of different slopes of various degree of difficulty: green, blue, red, black.  All together they form 68 kilometers of perfectly equipped routes where you can enjoy skiing individually or with the help of trained professionals. The technical condition of the skiing run constantly improves. For instance, now the visitors can enjoy the new feature of night skiing track. This is not only entertaining, but also more economical and same as comfortable as skiing during the daytime.
Also, the owners of smart phones and tablets are now able to download the Masella App. With its help the skiers can get updated information both on the weather and the condition of the routes as the information about the concerts and events nearby.
To access the skiing track and the lift you can get season pass or a day lift ticket.
Masella is located 137 km from Barcelona. The trip will not take you just 2 hours, so it is possible to ski at Masella without necessarily staying in the village overnight. If you have decided to spend the night or a few days at Masella, there are lots of hotels and guest houses  in the area.

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You can get additional information about Masella skiing trail here:


Just 17 km away from Masella lays La Molina trail. While Masella is suitable both for entry-level skiers and experienced ones, La Molina trails are designed for the skiers with more advanced level of skills and experience. This resort has been highly rated by ISO standards and more than 27 tracks and 20 lifts at La Molina have received a category ¨Q¨ rating.

Apart from skiing the visitors can enjoy swimming in the pool, playing tennis or going for a tour to Cadi Moixedo sanctuary. You can buy the rechargeable ski pass online to avoid queues at the ticket office. This pass will also give you a 30% discount on equipment rental at the service building and a lower price for the day pass than at the box office. La Molina resort is easily accessible by public transport.  To get there from Barcelona you can take the train to Latour de Carol La Molina station and than a bus (daily regular service every 30 minutes).

For more details have a look at official La Molina site

For accommodation in La Molina have a look at this great Aparthotel site

la molina-pistas

Port Del Comte is considered one of the best spots thanks to the mild mountain slopes running to the valley. There are 10 lifts and 36 slopes where skiers can ride all day long. Those who are experiencing this sport for the first time can use the help of one of the fifty available instructors.

Skiing slopes at Port del Comte are colored from green to black, which means that the entertainment is available both for beginners and for the experts of mountain skiing. You are not going to find any housing problems at the resort, as there are more than 44 hotels on the territory available. Nevertheless it is always better to book your stay in advance.
The resort is located 150 km away from Barcelona and offers various additional services like equipment rental, Snow Park and training programs.

More information about the resort here:

If you have already visited Spanish skiing resorts or if you are searching for a nice addition to your trip to Barcelona, then you could go to Andorra. It’s also only 2, 5 hours away from the Catalonian capital. Among all Andorran skiing resorts one is worth the special attention. Grandvalira skiing resort is the biggest resort in Pyrenees that is visited by tourists from all over the world. Grandvalira is located in the Principality of Andorra in the districts of Encamp and Canillo.

Grandvalira (1)

 The extent of its skiing routes is 210 kilometers! It also counts with the route created specifically for international competitions. More than half of Grandvalira slopes have the artificial snow covering therefore it is possible to come here without being afraid of sudden warming.|
There is a wide range of ski passes to choose. From a one day pass, to multiday passes and season ski pass. Needless to say, that Grandvalira counts with lots of activities on the slopes, personal trainers, ski school, restaurants, hotels and equipment rentals on the territory of the resort.


For more information, please visit Grandvalira official website

For accommodation in Grandvalira you can have a look at this vacation rental in Andorra site.





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